How much is enough automation?


Probably about this much


Just kind of showing off, I think this mix is dope. Hopefully I'll budget my time such that I'll be able to put this level of detail onto all the tracks.


I've written/produced 4/5 of the songs. Gonna have to get back with the scheduling most likely, but I'm committed. 


So for anyone interested on this mix I automated


-PanPot on most every track

-Cutoff filters on a bunch of the tracks

-Volume on all the tracks (I do this in a seperate session)


I think automation is really great for bringing mixes to life. So often I hear a DIY guy dropping a great song, better composed than something I'd do, but the mix is just super flat and boring. Not much movement, not much going on. Don't be those guys. Not putting in the extra time on the mix is kind of like letting your song drop out of school in the 10th grade, it would just have been a little better off had it stuck in and got that diploma.