Even though I've been working a bit slower than I thought I would, the overall shape of the album is something I think I'll be proud of in the end. I'm liking the juxtaposition of my acoustic elements against the synths and drum machines.

A lot of these songs have a personal element that was missing from some of my previous work. Many of the songs I've written have been more of experiments in style and sound, rather than some sort of expression or statement. That's not to say my other songs mean nothing to me, far from it. It's just that I rarely set out to express my emotions through music. My feelings and emotions end up coming through anyway, but it has always been more of a stream of consciousness sort of way of writing lyrics. I suppose, this isn't really that different.  These songs just feel more intimate to me in a way. I wrote all of these songs on my acoustic guitar in completion, rather than one part at a time and doing the lyrics at the end. But, I guess, it's all really the same, I just wrote these songs out of my usual order. It's weird to break it down and analyze the process, I'm always surprised by what I find. 

Moving on...