The past week centred primarily on vocal writing. My process for writing words is usually to record an instrumental I like, then sing along to the audio until something starts to coagulate into a word, then I write, then I record the songs for real once they have been solidified, fleshing it out from there. 

I am finding it hard to find my voice. This is the first recording project I've done since I quit drinking 6 months ago, after 10 years of alcoholism. I am finding this whole process very uncomfortable, which is odd considering music is basically the only thing I've ever loved. However, like many alcoholics, I lost sight of how much drinking had become a part of my creative process. It feels very weird to sing and try to get in touch with that side of my brain without alcohol. We spend so much of our lives wound up, trying to act normal. A good vocal performance should be anything but normal. Without that lubricant, it's not as easy to pull that energy out of me. It just takes more focus.

I have a few instrumentals left that I really like that I have yet to find suitable vocals for, so I bounced out the songs I have vocals for, and peppered the incomplete ones throughout the track list on my phone. I'm gonna go for a coffee walk right now and listen to the "album" to see if the proximity of the half-done ones to more complete vocals will give me some perspective on what kind of thing the album is lacking and give me some direction.