The fourth track is up in the player.  It's funny how a song can be written one way, and then it insists on being sung another.  I didn't expect to be holding a couple of notes for five seconds or so, but that's what the friggin' song wanted.




I never should’ve wrote that letter

And thrown it off into the sea

It’s never gonna get any better

And now it’s so easy to see

It never was meant to be


I never should’ve grabbed that bottle

But man it’s so easy to do

I never should’ve run to the water

With everything I wanted to do

And say to you


Funny how the ocean feels like going home

All the more when you’re alone


I guess I should’ve known that letter

Would tumble up onto the sand

And all the ways I tried to forget her

Would find their way into your hands

Like it was the plan


Funny how the ocean has a mind of its own

All the more when you’re alone