Last night, I really was not in the mood to do RPM at all, but basically forced myself through it.

I took to Google random number generator and picked 2 songs to work on.

The first one (working title) "Maths Haiku" is up on the demo player.

Its basically the Maths module kinda doing a krell type patch with some feedbacky delays and some other stuff. All modular and field recordings.

I kinda get a vibe of like walking through a Japanese temple with like a vortex of chaos whiriling all around.


The second song I worked on hurt a lot more. Working title - "Eloquaos" keeps shifting between genres and moods. I kinda had the mindset like "ok i need a pad, I'll add a pad, and if it sucks I'll change it later" .. ended up changing everything multiple times before giving up for the night around 1amish.

That being said I will do no RPM work tonight to make sure my GF feels loved and also because I need sleep.