'Infinity Mirrored Room — Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity' installation from 'Infinite Vision' by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Photo by Matthew S. Browning

beware the haberdash finds themselves well underway with this February 2018's RPM Challenge studio recording sessions.

Now midway through the month, 7 solid tracks explore themes and concepts inspired by the Netflix Original Series 'Black Mirror'. So far, each track adds a fully-original newly composed songs to the haberdash's eclectic ouvre — each song feeling highly influenced by a Sound Art approach for this particular near-future album installment.

New prospective track titles include: Maze; Awake; Swamp Black; Void; Temperate Climate; and Just Because We Can.

Previous haberdash projects and recordings touched upon some of this atmospheric, incidental music terrain — aurally tripping out through a Surreal, understated narrative arc that feels somewhat movement-based, yet the conceptual underpinnings for the band to create a speculative soundtrack for an imaginary future season of 'Black Mirror' stitches a throughway that's more tightly united than any of the band's previous works.