Getting things right

It's funny how some songs just sound right.  I have no idea why or I'd reproduce the process every time.  Anyway, the latest track, "Rolling On By," just sounds better than anything I've done so far on this album.

Thinking of using it as the preferred track.  Come on over for a listen!




I had an old soul when I was a young man

Turning my phrases in so many ways, man today I still don’t understand

It’s like I’m flying blind


I think life is an old joke being told by a wise man

So don’t you start guessing or going ‘round messing with powers you don’t understand

Just laugh until you cry


Rolling on by

Rolling on by

Rolling on by


Trying so hard to get closer to fine

Am I ahead or behind my own time?


There’s an old road that runs out to an island

And if you’re too needy and if you get greedy, you’re washing up dead on the sand

Tide, don’t rise too high


Rolling on by

Rolling on by

Rolling on by


Something inside my says I can fly

Hell, all that I’ve learned might be a lie


Now I’ve got a young soul even though I’m an old man

Turning my phrases and living each day, I keep crossing that line in the sand

I’m still flying blind

You can’t hold back the tide

I’ll be laughing ‘till I die


Rolling on by

Rolling on by

Rolling on by



13 days to go. Demo 3. Gumbo's bedtime.

It's late but song 3 is up in the player. Written and recorded today after work. If I keep this going I'll have an album and two days to mix and master!

Big thanks to Marz for the written instructions ;-)


Clear Blue Eyes

12 days to mix

Yeah. The fun part ? Well... Day 13. writing and tracking is all done... Now I gotta mix these fuckers. Well this should be easy.

Wait.. nope... I broke all my initial rules I set for myself... I ended up stacking and layering guitars and vocals for days, and much of it is actually an integral part of each song.... i.e., stacked vocals- A few are beyond the realm of harmonies, and more of choir like/synth sounding pads... which I did because I was too lazy to hook up my synth. On the positive side, I get to say "No synthesizers were used on this recording" On the not so positive side... I get to eq and fit like ten tracks of vocals into already dense mixes.

But this ain't my first rodeo. and I did, luckily sorta pre mix as I went along- although lots of those settings will probably get scrapped and the songs mixed from the ground up.


The cool thing is that I covered everything I wanted to. Straight ahead rockers, atmospheric doomy pieces and a floydian space rock piece or two.

15-Feb-2018 update - new songs

OK, so yesterday I did my rambling about the player not being able to take more than 1 or 2 Mb files.

Forget the player. I post a link in the blog...

Here is the first song


And the second


Starting the 3rd song today....

afc update 02.15.18

a first mix, let me know what you think.

02.15.2018; STOP!

I really need to just stop.  I sat down and recorded some more improv stuff on the guitar again last night.  About 9 minutes worth of stuff ranging from noise to ambient, while watching "Boy and the World".  Tonight a new toy arrives in the mail so I imagine I will sit down and make some more noise.  Currently, I have two tracks that are about 60+ minutes total.  I don't know whether to choose just one or use both for this challenge.

However, I did wake up this morning thinking of a new painting and new piece of music based on watching, reading, and listening to all the news and conversation about the shooting in Florida.  I feel like I should do this now while it's fresh on my mind. 

Day 14: Don't keep me from spinning out

I finally have all the music done on all ten songs. I'm really happy with the sound of the album. Next on the todo list is the vocals for everything. I've been saving that for last, because I think it will be better singing all ten songs on the same day. My voice will be warmed up well and I've sat with these songs for two weeks now. I feel more confident about being able to nail a good performance. 

So, on I go...


finished all tracking !

Wielded it down to ten songs, still over an hour. Mixing, commence !

Are you where you want to be?

Now that half of the month is gone, I find that I am not in the place that I was hoping to be in completing the challenge. But, I am over the flu, feeling better, and ready to do more. I have six songs in various states of completion, and the drive and ideas to finish this. I hope it is going well for all of you, and that you are in a good place, if not the place you want to be.

Now, let's make some tunes...

Happy Valentine's Day RPMers

Happy valentine's day RPMers !


please stand by.....

We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I guess it was bound to be my turn in the 11 years I've been doing the challenge.

My mixes were coming out cloudy and vocoder voices were garbling . Bought some new cords with no improvement and came to the conclusion that my old vocoder running thru my Yamaha S90 was crapping out on me. Switched to running the vocoder in my little Electro-harmonix box. Touchy using my smaller Yamaha mx-49 because it doesn't have the same key touch control my older Yamaha had...Oh well the clarity is better and I just have get used to a different feel. Not the biggest of problems but a pain in the arse nonetheless.

Next decision is whether to re-record all voice parts or let them be as they are.

Good ole RPM Challenge....I love you my sweet valentine.


She Caught Skyglow With Her Net

I was off from work last week, and knowing darn well that my job was going to drain every last ounce of energy from me in February, I really strove to get as much done last week as I could.

My job did not disappoint - as always, we're running around like turkeys with our collective heads chopped off, working on way too many separate 'workplace initiatives' at the same time.

Although, I've found when I approach music while 200% exhausted, I end up with some of my best ideas. Yesterday, what was supposed to have been this very basic ambient piece turned into some kind of progressive rock chiptunes epic with dueling melodies crashing into each other from every which way.

The end of the track ended in ambience, so I figured tonight I could try recording the ambience, and then feeding the audio sample back into itself (ala Brian Eno), and so far so good.


This is the track listing so far. (It's not as big as it looks, since some of the tracks are fairly brief. In previous years, I would have tried to expand everything to a 'song-friendly' length, but the heck with it - if a track wants to be 45 seconds, then so be it.

Album Name : She Caught Skyglow With Her Net

1 AppleTurn Overture
2 Native American Rompler
3 Only Plumbers Have Pipedreams
4 Oculus Ghostbox
5 PurpleshifT
5 The Great Filter (Last Eyes)
6 Too Cold For A Robot Parade
7 I Am Error
8 I Am Remnant
9 A Procastinator's Exodus
10 Legion & Lemmings
12 Tron Babe & The Laser Flashes
13 Time Maiden & The Last Inaction
14 Purpleshift [Illusory Departure]
15 She Caught Skyglow With Her Net
16 Afterglow?
17 Namaste





New Upload Limit?

I just tried to upload a file and was told there's an upload limit of 1 MB ... wtf???  I just uploaded a 6 MB file yesterday.  What's the deal?  

Change is Painful

I am a fat sack of meat.

I will never change because I am weak and change is painful.

I am impotant and ineffectual.

I disgust myself.

One day I'll die and the pain will cease.



14-Feb-218 Status update

One song made

One half made.

One key collaborator

One demanding job....


Many good ideas and starting points, but not much time to finish them through inside the deadline.

Aiming to get 4, maybe 5 songs in the album. That is still more than 5 times my usual monthly music output!

Tried uploading the first song, but the player only accepts files up to 1Mb long. Won't bother then. Can't squeeze it below 2.5Mb unless I compress it to crap. Don't see much point then.

In honor of Valentine's Day

I put a WIP love song in the player. It's called Still, and it's about my wife, who for some reason still likes me after all these years.

Gumbo's Valentine's Day Massacree

I woke up thinking maybe I could get a song out for the 14 14 14 14 deadline and had a fun little thing going on the telecaster that grew a second part. I got caught up trying to figure out what on earth the chords are on the banjo and ended up going out and enjoying the sunshine. Some lovely conversations with people up town and a surprise gift for a friend later, the lyrics started coming and the banjo picked up the mood and turned itself into a tiny steel band!

I jested early on in the challenge that I'm only listening to Blind Lemon Jefferson and Talking Heads, but I can see that my album is being guided by the benign spirits that tune to that very radio station!

What A Day!

This may be the happiest song I've ever written. Be warned!

Mid-February Progress — RPM 2018

'Infinity Mirrored Room — Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity' installation from 'Infinite Vision' by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Photo by Matthew S. Browning

beware the haberdash finds themselves well underway with this February 2018's RPM Challenge studio recording sessions.

Now midway through the month, 7 solid tracks explore themes and concepts inspired by the Netflix Original Series 'Black Mirror'. So far, each track adds a fully-original newly composed songs to the haberdash's eclectic ouvre — each song feeling highly influenced by a Sound Art approach for this particular near-future album installment.

New prospective track titles include: Maze; Awake; Swamp Black; Void; Temperate Climate; and Just Because We Can.

Previous haberdash projects and recordings touched upon some of this atmospheric, incidental music terrain — aurally tripping out through a Surreal, understated narrative arc that feels somewhat movement-based, yet the conceptual underpinnings for the band to create a speculative soundtrack for an imaginary future season of 'Black Mirror' stitches a throughway that's more tightly united than any of the band's previous works.

AFC update 2.14.18

finished recording everything on sunday, after redoing the bass with new strings (diff!) started mixing and realized I had no usable bass drum, reset up the drums and spent Tuesday redoing all the drum tracks.  tweaked a few guitar parts.  listening for where to add keyboard stuff.  getting vox from Wilsun.  at that mixing down stage.  not my favorite part of the challenge.  would appreciate any suggestions and tips on the mixes if you get a chance.


Doll Butcher's VD (Valentine's Day) post

Because we are soooo romantic we decided to post an "in progress" tune of ours called "Dream Boat"  which is about love and sacrifice, just kidding it's about corporations using gene therapy to control people in a sort of "you owe me because I saved you" kind of way.

Happy VD Everyone!