Well...I have 10 songs and ~35 minutes of music. Maybe need one more to round things out. Seems I write & record more than blog. I dunno bout anyone else but I feel sort of in the woods here. I know there are other folks out there but I don't seem to get to talk to anyone much. Anyway today's tune is Fake It Til U Make It, which seems apropos for the last few days of RPM. I got my Zep on hard and got a big ol honkin blister doing the bass part LOL. Anyway...

Fake It Til You Make It

You never know what's at stake

Take a chance and make a break for it

Who knows, you might escape

You might just be in shape for it

You think you ain’t got what it takes?

Just Fake It Til You Make It 4x


Just put down the phone

It's all right outside your comfort zone

Come on you’re not alone

As soon as those dice are thrown

You know you can't go wrong 

if you just Fake It Til You Make It 4x

Everyone's got trouble brewing

No one really knows just what they're doing

This is your new debut 

You know what to do

You got to go out there and shake it

Fake It Til You Make It 4x


On track + Eloquencer demo!

I got my 8 sketches down that somehow equal 35 minutes of audio.

Now to spend the next few days finishing them... taking lots of notes and making massive todo lists.

Hopefully after the weekend is just mixing, mastering, and artwork.

New demo!

eloqu8 was made using Eloquencer from Winter Modular, a eurorack  sequencer that is probability based.



i had a dream, overnight
came awake and i wished that it didn’t end
you in my arms, by my side
in that dream, we were lovers, partners and friends

the empty space, next to me
you’re just not quite as visible as i’d like you to be
without form, dark as night

let’s start a band, rock and roll
you can play my piano, play my guitar
tour the world, hit the road
i’ll step back, be the sideman, you’ll be the star

i hear a sound, off the stage
but you’re not quite as audible as i’d like you to be
without tone, static noise

this empty place, next to me
you’re just not quite as visible as i’d like you to be
without form, dark as night

My Obsession

Obsess - "preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent."

I'm at work reviewing mining reports (well, actually writing this right now) and constantly watching the clock when I can tap out and assume the position in my lil ole recording nest at home.

This is next-level bonkers.... It's like being in love (minus the sex) - all-consuming, palpitating, frustrating, heart-breaking - but instead of a warm body, it's a cold metal box into which you've poured all your emotion and creativity.

Humans are weird.

Art Gallery? (where is it?)

' This is also a great time to upload your album art to your Gallery! Be sure to label it using the format "2018 - Your Album Name" '

ummmmm ----- Where is said art gallery?

Staying in the Moment .. umm ...

A week ago I had three songs. Yesterday I found the eighth. Six days and one evening to go. Somehow they kept coming. Lyrics started happening. Not world shaking lyrics but Gumbo lyrics. Workable.

Yesterday's song is built around a little ukelele progression, and had pretensions of both silliness and purpose. The self-critic was pacing up and down. Needs more banjo.

Take The Elevator Down

Andy Samford - SRF Project (Album #2) near completion

After Jeff, Matt, and I got together for Saturday #2, I had basic tracks (drums/bass/guitar/vocal) done for all of the songs, and I spent a couple of days this week doing overdubs. 

I've uploaded 10 of the 11 songs to my player, these i would consider to be almost finished. we're going to do some touch ups here and there this Saturday as well as finish the 11th song, so at that point it will be finished, but it's pretty close now, certainly close enough for the demo jukebox. 




are you ever in the way
crowds are so annoying
will they never think about
space that they’re controlling
try to move around somewhere
feeling claustrophobic
get out anywhere you can
stand up in the doorway

do you wonder what to say
see me being silent
did i ever look your way
signifying nothing
am i ever in the way
can’t say what you're thinking
let me get out of your face
stand up in the doorway

you can say what you must say
find some room
let you say what you must say
find some room

do you ever look around
wonder what you’re doing
did you think i’ve figured out
got my shit together
well you’re not exactly wrong
truth is complicated
let’s go find some room to talk
join me in the doorway

you can say what you must say
find some room
let you say what you must say
find some room

join me in the doorway
join me in the doorway
join me in the doorway
let’s go through

Did You Hear That?

Did you all hear that sound?  It was just a few minutes ago.  It was really loud and I'm sure the whole world heard it.

It was my sigh of relief after finishing the vocals on the 10th song.

Oh thank goodness.

randoms in the mall

one day i was watching
randoms in the mall
lining up for coffee
stretched across the hall
plenty other coffee shops
down over the stairs
still that snaky line goes

did you ever wonder
what is on their mind
probably not too much
different than mine
did you ever wonder
what is on their mind
probably not much different
than mine

randoms at the bus stop
waiting all day long
once a random lady
said my stop was wrong
said she had been watching
me walking back and forth
the other one was closer
to my porch

i have always wondered
what was in her mind
think it was profoundly
different than mine
i have always wondered
what was in her mind
quite completely different
than mine

did you ever wonder
what is on their mind
probably not too much
different than mine
did you ever wonder
what is on their mind
probably not much different
than mine
probably not much different
than mine
probably not much different
than mine

3:00am Sessions

This could be the year!

I took advantage of my terrible sleeping pattern as of lately, and used the time to get up and work on songs. And for the last two nights, I have been able to finish sketching out 10 songs.

I may aim for 13 songs considering this is the 13th year of RPM, but I have the 10 I need to complete the challenge.

All that is left now is to re-record the guitars, since I recorded all the ideas as rough tracks. But the idea is there and the arrangement is there, for the most part.

I will be cutting it close, but I think I will finally have this challenge completed by the end of February.

the flat earth and the round world

where do you think that
aeroplane just went
did you consider that
horizon’s not the end
there’s such a difference in
what you and i believe
i just can’t argue with
the flat earth in your mind

i know it’s difficult
to book a trip to space
but if you ever do
have yourself a look
might need a while
to see it turn around
when you get over it
the round world waits for you

the round world waits for you
the round world waits for you
the round world waits for you
the round world waits for you, for you

10 Songs

I now have 10 songs.  I wrote a whole blog post about it but the web site crashed and I lost my post.  Don't have time to re-do it.


On being judge...mental

Hi there,

I've just uploaded demo no.7. It's called 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' and it's about my David Bowie infatuation.

For the first time during this challenge I've really started second guessing myself. I do that all the time in real life, but with such tight deadlines I haven't had the luxury to do it while writing these songs. But stuff has been going through my head like: 'Who am I to write a song about David Bowie when he was such a musical genius?' and 'Are people going to think this is just too cheesy and melodramatic?' (Personally I like a bit of cheese and melodrama!)

Then I was reminding myself of all those times in the past I played my rough demos to people and they just didn't get them at all. In many of those cases those same people ending up loving the songs when they were produced professionally. I know I'm a crap producer - I'm not a producer at all. For me, recording my demos is just a means to get the ideas down. I always hear the finished product in my head but I've learnt that that's not always the case with people I play them too. And here I am publicly displaying my demos - what do I think I'm doing?

Anyway, shutting out the judgey person in my head is a big reason for doing this challenge so I'm determined to keep a lid on her until at least the 29th of February. Wish me luck. And feel free to share your insecurities so I know I'm not the only one :)



How do I reorder posted tracks?

How do I re-order the tracks in my album posts?

sincerely, the mgmt.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Cobain

Sometimes when I’m staring at the carpet long enough my brain starts to make shapes out of it and I convince myself there is a picture underneath the picture.

I’ve been listening to these disparate and unfinished pieces of music and I think I hear an album starting to take shape, but maybe it’s just a trick like the carpet.

I guess I’ll know soon enough. I have six songs now in rough shape but I think I can clean them up enough to at least be “RPM quality.”

Not out of the woods yet though. There are the other 4-5 songs. Got a banjo track from the mighty Tim Hall to mix in tonight, and Friday night I’ll be recording a violinist on two songs, maybe three depending on how swiftly we can knock out the other two.

I also need to package all this up along with the writing, photos and artwork I’ve done into the booklet I have planned. Good grief, not a small order for six days. But that’s why we have coffee and alcohol.

And today’s Kurt Cobain’s 51st Birthday, in case you wanted to feel goddamn ancient.


capitalism blues

grab a dose of coffee
first cup of the day
think about the hours that
you need till you get paid

check your inventory
help unload a truck
face an angry customer
feel sorry for his luck

you get your daily lunch break
and you eat your can of beans
you don’t stop to consider
what it means

look around the office
so much empty space
need to book a boardroom
book two just in case

try to build a schedule
around your house of cards
cycle through your email
give your best regards

you bring down all your systems
and you switch off your machine
you don’t stop to consider
what it means

grab a cup of coffee
last cup of the day
only need to drink it
so your headache goes away

think about the future
as you lie awake in bed
could consider meaning now
but fall asleep instead

Titles finally

Tying it all together now. Finished (maybe) mixing last night, turning to mastering tonight.. Finally figured out my titling with songs and album title....


Album Title : Ian James The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Songs, in no particular order (because I have not figured out my sequence yet)


Saturdaynight Fever Blister

50 Shades of Grave

Glenny Bought a Boat

Grains in the Hourglass

Atmospheric Re-Entry Burn Syndrome

Tuff Actin Tanactin

Whatever Happened to Blink-182

Josh Gates Got Lost

New Car Smell

Love Bugs


I uploaded Saturdaynight Fever Blister to my player


Channelling Hannibal

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Things are coming together slowly here, I've 4 tracks which are more or less done now, and another two which just require mixing and some vocals (maybe, in all likelihood these are just going to be instrumental versions)

That just leaves guitar on two tracks, one of which will be more textural (and I still need to work out the structure of the track), the other... eh, there's a long section at the end with an 11/8 loop.

I've been working on slide guitar for a country-ish track today and I'm done - more tomorrow.


I ended up with 2 1/2 completely different styles. I'm not surprised.


Now that I'm looking at how they fit together I'm starting to think I'll have two "sides" to the record. Sort of like a split with myself. 

Because coherency is an afterthought, that's why.



Four mostly complete tracks

Two need vocals

And ten more need sorting through to see what makes the cut