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I tried to reply to Robert Parker's blog entry regarding this issue (Album Title) but for some reason my reply won't load. Not sure if the problem is on my end or an issue with blog commenting on the site at the moment. Oh hang on, just got it fixed... it was an unrecognised emoji thing, got a warning on my desktop, just not on my tablet.
Anyway, here goes:
Because I have loved Astronomy ever since my parents gave me a telescope for my 12th birthday, I have been explaining this to my colleagues all night. :D
Please forgive me if you know this stuff already…
It was a “Blue Moon” because it was the second full moon in the month. It was a “Blood Moon” due to the characteristic red hue it displays during the lunar eclipse where it is completely within the Earth’s shadow for a time. It was also a “Super Moon” because it was at it’s closest to Earth due to it’s mildly elliptical orbit around the planet.
Our local public media outlet had a reasonably approachable article on it all:
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