The Mayors - An Introduction

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Hello all. Your friendly Mayor McCheese here to remind you of/introduce you to the concept of A Conference Of Mayors.

In 2016 BogStomp and L17Tim started a snarky argument with one another in the forums about the proper use of "farther" vs "further". Brian (BogStomp) sent Tim (L17Tim) a battle rap song, calling out "Mayor McCheese", referencing Tim's profile picture (it was an inside joke about being the "mayor of RPM" because Tim was serving as a site admin and tends to be a rather visible presence on the site. Anyone who knows anything knows the true mayor of RPM is Gary Fox, but I digress....). Tim responded with his own return volley. Both tracks were roughly 1 minute in length. By the end of the day, Brian and Tim had exchanged numerous raps, with Brian recording his in a conference room at work on breaks. Gary Fox jumped in, and within another day or two, so did Keith Landry and Matt Ferrara. In nearly every case, the songs were written and recorded in a matter of minutes, utilizing loops, and the performances involved rapping. This from a group of traditional guitar-based rock/folk musicians. It was fast. It was sloppy. It wasn't particularly good, but it was fun. And it broke nearly all of us out of the mid/late-February funk that sets in during RPM. You can hear it here.

2017 - Technology
It was pretty obvious that The Mayors needed to continue on as a project in 2017. The question was, what would it be? We sought out a topic on the forums, and pretty early on landed on the overriding theme of Technology, largely brought on by a discussion about how the jukebox uploader doesn't accept spaces in file names and how all good-hearted people understand this. Okay, maybe just Tim and Mick, but still... it was a topic and it stuck. Then it came time to find out who wanted in on the project. The answer was A LOT OF PEOPLE. We opened the project up to the community, stressing that the song could be in any style, but the goal was a length of approximately 1 minutes and a quick write/record cycle, preferably using instruments and styles that were not your norm. We ended up with 19 tracks, clocking in at just short of 26 minutes. It was different from the first project for sure, but it was also great fun and ended up being a really great piece of work.

What's In Store For 2018?
That brings us to the current year. What will the project be this year? Well, that's largely going to be up to you. Early word is that we will have even more participants this time around, which will be great as long as we're not creating a 60+ minute track. The topic is still to be determined, but it will pop up on the forums at some point. Recording/submissions typically happen during the third full week of RPM with the compilation and mastering by McCheese taking place in that last weekend. If you're new to this and wish to participate, here are a few guidelines:
  1. Try something different. If you're a guitarist, work with loops and keys. If you normally write EDM, try a folk or disco tune. Just do something different and fun. There are no expectations that this will be good. It's just supposed to be fun. Listen back to what we've done across two years. The bulk of the individual tracks really aren't very good, but collectively, they're awesome.
  2. Keep the track length to a minute or less, or thereabouts. We let Matt go on longer because his raps usually tell the story of what's going on. The rest of you should follow the rules.
  3. DO NOT let this distract from your regular project. Take a break for an hour and work on something different, but don't let your duty as a Mayors get in the way of finishing your album.
  4. HAVE FUN. This isn't serious.
  5. Come up with a Mayor name. It's required.
  6. Be prepared to deliver an unmastered wav or aif file for the compilation. Please DO NOT SUBMIT a mp3 for the final collection. It will drive your mastering engineer batty.
  7. Did I mention the part about fun? Yeah. Fun. Do that.

So there's your background. I'll be back in a few days to get some of our discussions started about topics/themes, etc. Until then, happy recording!

- Mayor McCheese
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