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Hello again

1 month 4 days ago #128 by Sean Genereaux
Sean Genereaux created the topic: Hello again
Well hello, all.
My name is Sean, and my band is called Lust for Glory. It's been a band (of various members) since 2005/6.
In 2007, I heard a story on NPR about the RPM Challenge and thought it was an awesome idea and might be a great motivator for the band to get some tracks recorded finally. I signed up and we DID get some stuff recorded, but did NOT meet the challenge that year.
in 2008 and 9, I didn't make it back it back to the RPM site and the band flux'd and evolved.
In 2010, the band was gone (the people, not in spirit) but I had a pile of ideas and demos that I decided to just get them recorded anyways (pretty much the RPM spirit, I'd say) so I signed up for the year and recorded American Soniscope on my own.
Signed up every year since, and completed 2010,11,12,14 and 16.

Typically, I do these on my own and the songs later get re-recorded with the band lineup at the moment and they make it on following years CD. This time will be some of that along with some tracks with my current line up as well as a side project I have going.

Most every song on my bandcamp appeared here first, in a bit more of a raw version. Although, most all the Soniscope songs are pretty much as they were when I first posted them here.

So, good times.
Let's do this

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