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Hello all

2 weeks 5 days ago #453 by digit2600
digit2600 created the topic: Hello all
What's up everybody. I'm j. I make weird noisy, alternative, metal, punk, ethereal music... I just recently ended my long running project Cat's don't have souls, with whom I've recorded about 16 albums or something... Anyway, I don't know what I'm gonna release this as, as I wanna start something fresh at this point.

I have no clue what I'm doing yet... I'm just gonna start recording and see where it goes. Today I'm going to lay down about two hours of drum tracks, from which I'll then begin to widdle into arrangements... Tomorrow.. Guitars... yada yada.... Anyway... Who knows how the hell this will turn out, but I came to rock.

Anyway, I'm attempting to document this whole process on youtube as well... Again.. who knows how that will go.

If ya'll wanna check out my body of work, feel free, it's posted at www.catsdonthavesouls.bandcamp.com

Peace. Now, I brew coffeee, and begin my 28 days of madness.
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