RPM has an extensive archive of music from past years, and now we also have a great tool for exploring it: a special Jukebox application designed by Matt Parker, which is available for download here.

Some of the things this Jukebox does:

  • Search over all currently available tracks uploaded into the RPM archive
  • The ability to mark a track as a favourite and for it to appear in the favourites playlist
  • Create custom playlists and import/export them for sharing
  • Play a random selection of songs from the RPM catalogue
  • Display of album/artist images where available (though most images prior to 2016 have been lost to the ether)
  • Shuffle/repeat play
  • Graphic equalizer

There's 13 years' worth of RPM music in there -- enjoy!


(There is also a legacy interface to some of the past RPM music here, though this route is not recommended.)