The Jukebox

RPM has an extensive archive of music from past years, and now we also have a great tool for exploring it: a special Jukebox application designed by Matt Parker, which is available for download here.

Some of the things this Jukebox does:

  • Search over all currently available tracks uploaded into the RPM archive
  • The ability to mark a track as a favourite and for it to appear in the favourites playlist
  • Create custom playlists and import/export them for sharing
  • Play a random selection of songs from the RPM catalogue
  • Display of album/artist images where available (though most images prior to 2016 have been lost to the ether)
  • Shuffle/repeat play
  • Graphic equalizer

There's 13 years' worth of RPM music in there -- enjoy!


(There is also a legacy interface to some of the past RPM music here, though this route is not recommended.)


Donations welcome

The RPM Challenge is a crazy, fun, volunteer-run community art project made with considerable glee. It does, however have plenty of real-world expenses, and your donation is welcome. Every bit helps!


The RPM Challenge

That’s 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February. Go ahead… put it to tape.

It’s a little like National Novel Writing Month, ( where writers challenge each other to write 1,700 words a day for 30 days, or the great folks over at February Album Writing Month (, who encourage artists to write 14 new songs in February. Maybe they don’t have “Grapes of Wrath” or “Abbey Road” at the end of the month, or maybe they do—but that’s not the point. The point is they get busy and stop waiting around for the muse to appear. Get the gears moving. Do something. You can’t write 1,700 words a day and not get better.

Don't wait for inspiration - taking action puts you in a position to get inspired. You'll stumble across ideas you would have never come up with otherwise, and maybe only because you were trying to meet a day’s quota of (song)writing. Show up and get something done, and invest in yourself and each other.

Anyone can come up with an excuse to say “no,” so don’t. Many of you are thinking “But, I can’t do that! I don’t have any songs/recording gear/money/blah blah blah...” But this doesn’t have to be the album, it’s just an album. Remember, this is an artistic exercise. Just do your best using what you have in order to get it done. If you have a four-track, become a four-track badass! Use your iPhone, your '80s cassette recorder, that program on your laptop, a Pro Tools rig, or just borrow something – use it. Do your best. Use the limitations of time and gear as an opportunity to explore things you might not try otherwise. If you can afford time in a studio, fine, but let’s be completely free of any lingering idea that “good” records can only be made in a studio. If that were so, then all the old scratchy blues records or Alan Lomax field recordings that have changed the world’s culture wouldn’t still resonate with us today. Springsteen’s haunting classic “Nebraska” was a demo he did at home on a crappy machine. That album is fricking awesome. What label would put those recordings out now? (See: who cares) There are a million examples of this kind of stuff, but the fact will always be: Well written, honest music is compelling and undeniable no matter what it was recorded on. So put it to tape.

February will come and go whether you’ve joined in or not, but do you really want to be left out?

To recap:

• This will be fun!

• Ten songs or 35 minutes of recorded material.

• Recording can only be done in the month of February – no prerecorded songs.

• All material must be previously unreleased, and we encourage you to write the material during February, too.

• Participating bands get their own page on the site, which you can blog to as much as you want. You also get access to the band-only discussion board, where you can swap ideas, resources, etc., and the ability to e-mail and private message with the other participants.

Write some instrumentals, split up the songwriting duties amongst band members, form an RPM side project, write songs on the piano or clarinet instead of your primary instrument, make that metal album you’ve always wanted to - buy a ukulele! Just do your best to make the best album you can. Be unafraid.

What if every musician you knew put their music first for 28 days?

What if you recorded the best song of your life?

What if the world was never the same?

What’s stopping us? Nothing. February is Record Production Month. You have no reason to say no, and nothing to lose.


Welcome to the new site! Now, we could use your help bringing it to life.

Even if you're a past participant, please take a moment and register anew -- your old username and password won't work, but now's a great time to reclaim them. A new year, a new site, a new you!

Then, poke around and get the feel for it. Would you like to help us build it out? RPM is simply an idea, and sometimes, a framework -- the rest is you!