Here it is almost 10 PM and I've hardly gotten anything done -- mostly because I had a doctor's appointment that I made a month ago (bad timing, I know, but this was the earliest day I could make it) and had some subsequent errands.

On the plus side, I made a to-do list last night before I went to bed, reminding myself of lots of thing I still need to do on my computer, and things I've been meaning to try to do with my software, which I can never remember when I'm sitting down at my PC.  And I've gotten some of those partially done, or at least started.

And with enough of a push in the days to come, if I really strain and concentrate hard, I can keep myself from becoming distracted, and actually complete this year.  

I just have to keep from being scared off my the thought of recording my own voice.

And stop doing these stupid blogs.