So I haven't had time to really get going yet. I was out for a works do last night, and tonight I was playing a gig. I did give myself the last two weeks of January to write the songs though as my time is limited in February. So here they are. Some I'm quite proud of, others are pretty throwaway, but I guess that's what you get when writing under pressure.

Round The Bend
Eight floors up so don’t look down
The highest point in this little town
So twisting
No resisting
Claustrophobic pressure building up before dying down
Turned around all seems the same
Up and down and round the bend
Driving round in circles just to get to the start again
And never get to go back home
Snaking upwards above the streets
Looking downwards onto grey concrete
Can’t leave it
Can’t believe it now
Disoriented glimpses in the mirror of the back seat
Fake Applause
Hiking through fields to the pill box down the lane
Preparing to meet up with the gang
Hearing the roar of the fighters overhead
Plotting the master plan
Thinking out loud due to the smokers at the back
Forgetting the task at hand
Oh what a thing
Oh what a thing to remember
And oh what a thing
Propelling you off for the cause
Surviving the dangerous game
Pushing on through the campaign
As you wrestle yourself away from the fake applause
Laid in the bedsit waiting for the clock to tick
Dust concentrated on the shelves
Dirty dishes piled up high inside the sink
Hiding inside yourself
But then there’s the stage and its constant steady draw
Maybe it’s worth the risk
Passing the time between the rest stops on the road
Reaching the end of the line
Take The Blame
I can’t take all the blame
You take some too
All twisted unexplained
You’ll get what’s due
Believing all you said was right
You can’t bring a knife to this gunfight
That’s bad advice
You’re dodging from the blame
You think that’s fine
Perhaps you ought to change
If so inclined 
Never backing out or calming down
Common sense really never ventured out
To this battleground
Take the blame
Don’t sort it
Never get to put it right
It’s not the same
God damn it
What you’ve got to prove is how you ever got to sleep at night
Still hiding from the blame
You have throughout
Left weakened feeling drained
Still frozen out
All the times you said you should you can’t
Still spinning the same old tired yarn
To your counterpart
Eyes shut tight while laying on your pillow
Holding your nerve with the face against the window
Hoping you can restrain yourself
Ruing the life and the cards you’ve been dealt
You get so high
Cover your eyes you’ve come upon another
Lost in the house with your sister and your brother
Laying a trail to find your way out
Breadcrumbs back to the door of nagging doubt
Wanderlust tugging at the cortex of your brain
The light in the tunnel is the light of an oncoming train
Blinded by the glare in your eyes
The warning was there but still taken by surprise
Six Feet Below
Batting the ball again
Around the field of broken dreams
Trying your best to win but
Never like the way it turns out it seems
Keep looking down again
As you’re coming across as strange, my friend
Leaving the army frightened
Sinking so low
And you lost all the naïve charm that you claimed to show
But can you dodge all the bullets that are trying to send you
Six feet below
Still tightly wrapped in the blanket as a barrier against the cold
Praised at the welcome home
Though you never really had a chance
Judged as a waif or stray
But just a victim of circumstance
Gained over twenty pounds
And then lost it again by the final round
Left a note to the counsellor
Tied plenty of knots in the rope to be sure
Hit Reset
What you wanted has now become
In the future, the chief has won
Beat your rival now but hide the bear
Spinning up and down
And round again
Discrete affair
Don’t want to be reminded
Of the latest threat
Already been decided
The road’s all set
If only they would hit reset
Investigation starting, so build a wall
Offering mass relief with no grace at all
Nose poked out in front yet come in last
Rivals taking turns
To gain the lead
As the rest all pass
(Middle 8)
Thinking of the forces
But none go home
Settler divorces
They’re all sent home
The Grass Is Always Greener
Waiting on the outcome of the cut
Decisions made, the reasons covered up
The thought of doing nothing
The thought of doing right
Surrendered forcibly without a fight
The grass is always greener
Or so we’ve all been told
A certain fake demeanour
And a pot of endless gold
But when they turned the lights out
At the fifteen star hotel
We just stumbled round to find it all withheld
Never had a need to look elsewhere
Reclining back in the comfy easy chair
Didn’t spot the signals
Didn’t spot the signs
It wasn’t till the credit got declined
On buyout day the massed all faced the chop
The balance held, the cheques had all been stopped
First they got the teachers
Then they got the pawns
The final grim conclusion was foregone
A Vista Let Go Fallow
Heading off, west of Sheffield station
Aboard the dark, foreboding tunnelled line
Reach the peaks, bedecked in wreaths
Of soft white fluffy down
That lift
As they drift
Past the town
Staring up, relishing the journey
It’s good to be, up here once again
On the slopes, the wind whips round
The cloven ravaged trees
Then subsides
As it sighs
Finally free
Climbing, high up on the hillside
Climbing, up above the clouds
A vista let go fallow
Contemplate, the panoramic landscape
Bouncing off the distant rolling hills
Purple locks of flowers bob
Gently in the breeze
As they wave
To the passing
Honey bees
Fight Night
Four shandies at the bar
Three Jägerbombs, and a cheap cigar
Pre-drinks before the club
And a couple more, at the local pub
Fight night, good times, time to down another
Fight night, face down, head laid in the gutter
Fight night, last night, same as any other one
Focus on the floor
Break eye contact, slope towards the door
Pretend you don’t exist
Slip out quiet, minimise the risk
Should not have mixed the drinks
Take a leak then throw up in the sink
Draw cash out from the bank
Then fisticuffs at the taxi rank
New Job Blues
After bacon and eggs in the morning
Ready to walk to the train x 2
Standing in line for a ticket
Only just made it again
Hurtling off to the city
Starting to gather some speed x 2
Be in London town in an hour
Then faced with the tube train stampede
Arriving on time at the office
Nothing’s been set up to work x 2
No laptop no login no nothing
Man this first day’s gonna hurt
At least I’ve discovered the coffee
To aid with the caffeine abuse x 2
First to arrive yet the last to leave
It’s the new job blues