According to the files I completed 2007 through to 2011. I think I signed up for 2012 but the world ended, so I joined a band. 5 or so years later I have weekends again so I'm going to see what happens. I've dusted off the old equipment and restrung the guitar for the occasion.

I suspect it will be a down to the bones production as the other major difference this year is I'm living in a house next to a main road so the odd lorry zooming past at 8 paces is going to be interesting, and probably infuriating by the end of the month. Sometimes though, it can be a whole 15 minutes without a car going by. Especially after I should be asleep. Did a test of the kit last night and was still up at 4am, so I will have to learn efficiency or similar this year.

The good news is I have biscuits baking in the kitchen. Must be nearly ready!