All right, folks.  I guess this is the time when I describe what the hell I'm planning for the album and what the inspiration was for it.

Two summers ago, I rented a house in New Hampshire (up near the Kancamagus Highway) with my wife, the girls, my parents, and my sisters.  It was the kind of week that my parents had dreamed of for quite some time, with very little access to technology, a whole lot of family bonding time, nightly game playing, story telling, and outdoor fun.

The day I looked forward to perhaps more than any other was the day Karen (my younger sister) and I planned to canoe on the Saco River.  It had been ages since the first time just the two of us had navigated the lazy river, back when our ages hovered closer to 20 than 40.

Well, the day didn't disappoint.  Every time I wind up on that river, my mind resets to what matters most in the world, and I'm reminded of how lucky I've been to have a sister as perfectly insane as myself to share a life's history with.

As always, we found ourselves playing games like, "If you only had five Indigo Girls songs to take with you to a deserted island for the rest of your life, which would you take?"  And before long, we were laughing like idiots, becoming - if for only a short time - the irresponsible kids who'd ridden the current twenty-some-odd years ago.

I'll blame the sugar content of the Canada Dry I was drinking, the hot sun, and the general silliness of my sister for my declaration that we should be pirates.  With the numerous families enjoying the river, the tube floaters and raft sitters, and the coolers at arm's length (or at times tethered to their own flotation devices trailing family flotillas), we figured that if we'd acted on our impulses, hoisted a Jolly Roger, and attacked at full speed, we could clean up pretty well on snacks and beer if we raided.  We also figured we'd probably fare even better if we just drifted over and asked.

We didn't do either, but in that moment, the title for some future album was born, with a handful of songs inspired directly from that day.  Other songs have absolutely nothing to do with the Saco River, but I hope they all come together to result in something enjoyable.

Anyway, I've been playing some of these songs for over a year, have them all charted out with click tracks in place.

I can only hope the final product does justice to my day on the river.

May we all someday be Saco River Pirates.