Here we are on day 7, the end of week 1. Most of my day was spent working on the 5th track I started for RPM, which is by far the most mellow sounding of them all. 

It's at a point where.. maybe it could use vocals. Maybe the instrumentation is enough as is, the layers, etc.. maybe it could use some more variance in the melodies. I think I've lost objectivity on it, much like saying a word over and over makes it not sound like a word anymore. 

Anyway, here's my as-of-yet-untitled 5th RPM track, cleverly titled "Track 5 Demo" in the player - which may or may not need something else. Someone singing? More changes in what's there? 

I'm open to suggestions. Click below to listen. Feel free to comment.

RPM2018-Track5-Demo - Opens in a new tab/window