So I'm making good progress so far, a little behind my mapped out schedule, but not so far behind that I'm overly worried.

10 songs written - Check

10 drums tracks recorded - Check

10 bass track recorded - Almost (1 to go)

Not started on proper guitars, keys or vocals, but getting the rhythm section right for a song is always the hardest part for me. After all it dictates the whole direction of the song. The rest usually just comes naturally.

Demos have been uploaded to the player, and this will be the last time I upload now before the final submission.

I other news, a good friend of mine and a pillar of the local Cambridge music scene, Lui Di Martini, sadly passed away in his sleep last night. I'll miss his tireless promotion of local music, his passion for helping those less fortunate than himself, his great guitar playing and singing, and his great sense of humour.