Seems like a good time to check in. Outside are some of the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen and I'm heading out to the local market for plastic-free supplies, and to look at the river.

I have a half a dozen guitar parts that will form the bones of songs, but I'm not happy with the sound. It's my first time recording in a new place and my 'workflow' is not. A workflow.

I am spending lots of time creating ragtimey variations on a theme in D, and then trying to record them when the traffic backs off after midnight. Wind in the chimney, and crackling fire sounds lovely one one take but not on multiple layers. Having not played much for a year I haven't found that ease that will arrive if I keep at it. Restrung my guitar with 11s after putting the usual 13s on them late january. my fingers are happier but I had to learn the dreaded truss rod to get the action right!

Halfway through is often the time when songs start to arise spontaneously. I remember this and am hopefully creating a space for it. No lyrics yet! This is a little worrying.

Yesterday I set up an old marshall amp to play through and record acoustic guitar. Not ideal but it means I can maybe record during the day. I really appreciate Jim's do do do re-do blog about this time of the month being doubts and the start of the real challenge. Just keeping going and including the uncertainty and the snowflakes.

Where is Mick?