A gnawing excitement at the back of the skull. Every year I wait a year for tomorrow. Second month, motherfuckers. Tomorrow, I’ll go to open mic as a warm-up, but split early so I can hit Record when the clock strikes 12:00. I think I’ll do something different and play guitar on every track this year. I’m a shit guitarist so that’ll be fun for all, no doubt. I put new batteries in things, restrung some others, pulled a few cables out of Rubbermaid boxes. Asked the essentials. What snacks will I need? Is there enough alcohol? Where’s Gary Fox this year? What else to prepare? Every year since my second RPM, I have a song title that’s someone’s name: Aquaman, Tony Danza, Brian Wilson, Steve Bannon. Who’s it gonna be this year? Maybe no one. Maybe no rap this time. I dunno. Maybe a little goofier a record this time. Last year’s was pretty dark. Brighter this time. I want to record something that’s happy.