First post!

I just started warming up the gear.

Although I have been messing with my machines all year, I haven’t really thought about what I want to do with them musically.

The only “real” plan is to try the “waterfall technique” which is spending the first 2 weeks “starting songs” and the last two weeks ”finishing” them. Kanye West apparently makes 5 beats a day when working on albums, I’ll shoot for 1-3.

Genres? No idea … probably electronic of some sort. I’ve been fascinated with FM synthesis lately but its not the most straight forward thing to transcribe into music. Ambient, Braindance, Experimental, DnB…

Techniques? Again not sure. I’m constantly swapping DAWs between Renoise and Ableton. I want to use the Analog Rytm, the Access Virus, and some Eurorack. I really need to work Redux into the mix.

Prewritten material? - Nah. Looks like this year will most likely be hardcore mode.

Cheers everyone!