Well...I have 10 songs and ~35 minutes of music. Maybe need one more to round things out. Seems I write & record more than blog. I dunno bout anyone else but I feel sort of in the woods here. I know there are other folks out there but I don't seem to get to talk to anyone much. Anyway today's tune is Fake It Til U Make It, which seems apropos for the last few days of RPM. I got my Zep on hard and got a big ol honkin blister doing the bass part LOL. Anyway...

Fake It Til You Make It

You never know what's at stake

Take a chance and make a break for it

Who knows, you might escape

You might just be in shape for it

You think you ain’t got what it takes?

Just Fake It Til You Make It 4x


Just put down the phone

It's all right outside your comfort zone

Come on you’re not alone

As soon as those dice are thrown

You know you can't go wrong 

if you just Fake It Til You Make It 4x

Everyone's got trouble brewing

No one really knows just what they're doing

This is your new debut 

You know what to do

You got to go out there and shake it

Fake It Til You Make It 4x


On track + Eloquencer demo!

I got my 8 sketches down that somehow equal 35 minutes of audio.

Now to spend the next few days finishing them... taking lots of notes and making massive todo lists.

Hopefully after the weekend is just mixing, mastering, and artwork.

New demo!

eloqu8 was made using Eloquencer from Winter Modular, a eurorack  sequencer that is probability based.


My Obsession

Obsess - "preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent."

I'm at work reviewing mining reports (well, actually writing this right now) and constantly watching the clock when I can tap out and assume the position in my lil ole recording nest at home.

This is next-level bonkers.... It's like being in love (minus the sex) - all-consuming, palpitating, frustrating, heart-breaking - but instead of a warm body, it's a cold metal box into which you've poured all your emotion and creativity.

Humans are weird.


i had a dream, overnight
came awake and i wished that it didn’t end
you in my arms, by my side
in that dream, we were lovers, partners and friends

the empty space, next to me
you’re just not quite as visible as i’d like you to be
without form, dark as night

let’s start a band, rock and roll
you can play my piano, play my guitar
tour the world, hit the road
i’ll step back, be the sideman, you’ll be the star

i hear a sound, off the stage
but you’re not quite as audible as i’d like you to be
without tone, static noise

this empty place, next to me
you’re just not quite as visible as i’d like you to be
without form, dark as night

Art Gallery? (where is it?)

' This is also a great time to upload your album art to your Gallery! Be sure to label it using the format "2018 - Your Album Name" '

ummmmm ----- Where is said art gallery?