back to owning RPM until next January when people start showing up asking when signups are.  bah, amateurs!  anyways, i'lll continue to share my thoughts and plans and dreams and hopes to no one until that time comes.

smallwaves has no news, which is sad.  I wanted to record an album this spring, but that is probably not going to happen now. 

i'll be performing as AFC in a couple weeks, mostly songs off of "2017"  it's strange how I've changed how I sing those songs because of the way Madeline sung them.  strange.

MINOA02 is in full swing...NOT.  I get 3 likes to every post I make and that's about as far as it goes.  I really want to do this musical.  we'll see if I wind up writing the whole stupid thing by myself again.  MINOA so far has been a total failure on the part of anyone from Kansas City.  that's sad.

today marks 30 days until I go back to GREECE.  suck it.