Approximately 33 weeks ago I was bouncing my first attempts at heavily-rendered, overly-filtered electronic vocals over some synth stuff. I created a gmail account to better send the files (I was sure I'd never use it again after February) and generally bullshitting around on the IRC channel.

Now I'm putting the finishing touches on the first setlist of the first show of Clever Things, the collaborative band that was born from me and Jeremy (of Aged Machine). We met in person about 22 hours ago. We hit the stage in about 26 hours.

We're also sitting next to each other right now, in complete silence, on our computers. Old habits die hard I guess.

This was supposed to be a lot less mush and a lot more "let this be a lesson to you" but really, sane people probably shouldn't do such things if they can help it.

Kudos to Mick for driving Jeremy out here. Kudos to Jeremy for going along with this entire crazy scheme and putting up with me (I might have written a new song about 36 hours ago and insisted on switching it into the setlist). Big thanks to RPM of course.

And bigger thanks to anybody who reads this.