so I spent yesterday re-recording all the accoustic guitars for "October" and listening to it today it sounds like utter shit.  I dont' get.  new strings, better mic placement and i get this crap.  the more I listen to what was originally going to be an electric album that I changed to an electric/acoustic album now sounds like it wants to go back to an electric album really really bad.  there are also some very odd drum flubs that i never noticed so much before that are driving me absolutely nuts.  part of me says scrap the whole thing and start over from scratch, but i know the solo guitar parts will never be recreated and some of them are outstanding.  i suppose i have all the time in the world but i really don't.  the time to have redone this thing would have been last weekend when i had nothing to do for 3 days.

in other news, "Hardest Blow" has got another vocal in the email box from Damian AKA AM/FM Dreams.  that makes 2 down and 8 to go.  If the other 8 come out sounding 1/2 as good as the 2 i've got done already this CD will be a real GEM.

someone remind me to never try to do 2 CDs at the same time ever ever ever again.  please.  thanks.