first mix for my supreme court concept record song #3 is up -- listenPopupize Josh Fuson's Player .  it's the first one yet that has been inspired by events happening after a justice was confirmed.  chief justice john r. roberts was the only dissenting justice in the case Rancho Viejo, LLC v. Norton, a case in which the endangered species act was employed to protect an endangered california toad.  where every other justice chose to side with the endangered species act, roberts dissented stating that the constitution does not allow government to restrict businesses because of a "hapless toad" that "for reasons of its own, lives its entire life in California."  i have this to say to that "hapless toad"...


the hapless toad

(John Roberts)

there's a man back east in a big black robe
who's calling you a hapless toad
he's just a bigger sack of bones
and he sees fit to wreck your home

he's got three sisters and visits sometimes
across the mason-dixon line
maybe they could help you change his mind
if you can manage the trip in time

Kathy, Peggy, and Barbara
if they're nice they'll talk to ya
be a gentleman don't ask for too much
but see if their brother can show some love

wish i could be more help than this
it's not the news i want to give
california's a great place to live
and i'd hate to see you pick up and get

if it makes it easier for you to move on
we'll call this man a hapless john