Funny, funny, just hilarious, PM I got from SOMEONE (you know who you are). Someone who's CD is going to get lost in the mail.
    What's the difference between a drummer and a large pepperoni pizza?
    Pizza feeds a family of four.
    What do you call a drummer without a girl friend?
    What do you do when a drummer knocks on your door?
    Pay him for the pizza.
    What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians?
    A drummer.

    What does a drummer use for contraception?
    His personality!

    What's the best way to confuse a drummer?
    Put a sheet of music in front of him.

    A guy walks into a shop.
    "You got one of them Marshall Hiwatt AC30 amplificatior thingies and a Gobson StratoBlaster geetar with a Fried Rose tremulo?"
    "You're a drummer, aren't you?"
    "Duh, yeah. How'd you know?"
    "This is a travel agency."

Did you hear about the time the bass player locked his keys in the car?
It took two hours to get the drummer out.

What's the difference between a savings bond and a drummer?
Someday the bond will mature and make some money.

How late does a band play tonight?
About half a beat behind the drummer.

What's the first thing drummers do in the morning?
Walk home.