Got two incomplete songs to almost finished. Now I guess I have 9 songs.

"Born in the M.Y.C." is about my birthplace, a suburb called Myyrmäki (which is sometimes humorously referred to as Myyr York). This is a fast rock'n'roll track (with mostly Finnish lyrics despite the title). I wrote the lyrics in December or so and it's been waiting to get recorded.

"Plastic Banana Boogie" is about my new percussion banana. I made the first version the day before but today re-recorded it almost entirely. It's pretty good. It's as 'boogie' as I can pull off. This will be the first track on the album.

Last night I also made some photo editing to the cover art. I have probably decided the album title but don't want to reveal it yet.

1. Plastic Banana Boogie (1:13)
2. Agentti Apina vaaran vyöhykkeellä (2:13)
3. Musical Instrument Buying Song (1:01)
4. Epilänkatu 37 (0:57)
5. Declaration of Kökköhökötys (0:49)
6. Ystävii (0:37)
7. Born in the M.Y.C. (1:30)
8. Leka (0:38)
9. Kauhukakara (1:00)

- Sledgehammer
- Gorilla Stomp
- Soul Search
- Nightmare (RPM Challenge Is Hell)
- Spirit World