I tried doing vocals for five songs this week... hate three of them, two came out okay, I guess. Listening to my demo vocals from earlier this month, sadly enough they were better.

The two that came out okay are "Lost in August" and "These Were the Days." Maybe they came out okay was because I harmonized the vocals singing two tracks. They don't sound as terrible as my attempts at the three other songs.

The new versions of "Lost in August" and "These Were the Days" are up in my player. I think they're fairly catchy songs (to me, at least), almost poppy... something I'm not quite used to. Underneath the poppy facade, however, both are sad love songs.

I'm also unsure of the direction I'm aiming for. So far the songs are generally acoustic-like, but my original idea was to go a bit Trip-Hop or electronic tinged. I might split the album into two halves... I imagined "This Dark Room" and "Truth" to be the moody, Trip-Hop influenced tracks. Might work on turning those two tracks into something completely different than what they are right now.

Other than that, I've been completely unproductive. I have a job interview next week that I really should be preparing for, so I might not have too much time for RPM-ing in the next few days. My other problem is dealing with a number of personal issues...

Anyhoo... Comments welcome!

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