Well it took me a week longer than I thought to get my studio back in order. I thought RPM would be my biggest accomplishment in February but that is undoubtedly the tangle of cables I finally conquered today. I put this off since packing all my gear for a show in November, we are talking Mount Everest of mole hills here.


I did a quick tracking test for the drums on Hershey's Sponsored Jesus Saving Me. I think this is workable for this year given whats available to me. Last album I used my friend's custom DW kit which is bombastic and amazing but in rough shape. This year I am using a Ludwig Accent frankensteined with lifeless heads, an unknown snare and utterly destroyed cymbals. Expect the worst and hope for ok. If anyone is curious of the recording arrangement it is L/R Overheads (AKG Perception 100 and MXL 2006). Kick (Samson Q), Snare (Samson Q), Hi Tom top, Floor Tom top, rear reflection room mic (SM58), 6 front room mics (SM58, Beta 57a, AKGD1000e, MXL V67g, 2 generic dynamics) 

As always, good luck to everyone. Keep on keeping on.