In no particular order:

1. Is RPM over? Is it me, or was this the fastest RPM Challenge ever? It seems like we were in mid January just a week or so ago.

2. I have almost finished my review of Uglifruit's record. The only thing slowing me down, other than life, is the fact that I have run out of synonyms for "wicked awesome."

3. This year will be the first RPM Listening Party I haven't attended. This bums me out, but it's for a very good reason; my children have performances Friday and Saturday, and they're more important than me. Have a beer, or G & T, or whatever in my honor. And sneak a song of mine into the rotation. ;)

4. Speaking of songs; I did finish and submit for RPM, but the album's not finished. I have still been powering through and turning this one into the record I envisioned. This is the first time I have ever done that. Yes, I remixed last year's record, but this year I have been doing more work on the songs and recordings themselves.

5. I have done some listening in the jukebox and over at Alonetone, but not as much as I plan on after I finish the record. Hopefully I will call it a wrap in about 2 weeks.

6. Referencing #1, it looks like this year was a very successful one for everyone, so congratulations, etc., etc., etc.

Cheers All!