2017 and "riseUp!" are both done and available here.


I'm pretty happy with them both, 2 strong female singers, and my music goes really well together.  I can't think of two albums that are more different than these two, hell, the "riseUp!" songs were written at the same time as the MINOA01 songs and they sound even more different than those.  I'm pretty excited to finally be finished and now I can focus on other things.

smallwaves show this Saturday, looking forward to that, I love our music and I love to play it live.  working on new ideas, we jam out for a couple hours and then sift through the distruction to find kernals of song ideas.  Logan, our singer will help now to turn the ideas into songs, and that's good news for me, because before he joined the band it was my job exclusively.  I actually sat down with the ideas the other day and started writing a song from one of them, so I guess every time I think I'm out of ideas, I'm flat out wrong.  It does greatly help that I didn't come up with the musical ideas to start out with, and only have to arrange and write words.  I'm pretty good at that too.

the Next MINOA02 project will start shortly as well, we have an idea to do a sort of musical, called "dreams" which will be about a dream therapist who is visited by various clients throughout the day, and each client is a different song, and in between each client will be the therapist song, tying it all together.  I think it's a great idea and I hope that everyone will join in.  If you are not a part of MINOA and are on Facebook, let me know and I will add you to the group.