This RPM has been a funny one - with a lot going on outside in real life, meaning that throwing myself into making a new album was a blissful distraction from 'the real world'.

Being in the UK I'm unlikely to ever be able to visit Portsmouth to the HQ of listening parties.  (Though the Portsmouth on the south coast of England might be doable, at a pinch).  This is a shame, as I'd like to be able to chat to others who have had similar struggles - not in a 'what compression ratio did you use here?' way - though that would also be interesting - but rather in the celebration of the absurdness of the whole endeavor and the of beautiful things that are born out of restrictions.

A few years ago, when I hosted an RPM listening party in England, it was more about meeting similarly dogmatic musicians who had put themselves through what I had done.  Perhaps a sharing of PTSD.  It was also good to go to the Second Life outdoor disco, where RPM turns were being spun.  Obviously Second Life has all but vanished, but the (now rudimentary feeling) virtual world, with other RPMers struggling with the tech, felt ... appropriate.  Even the act of partying was another Life, away from the real one, with people who are bloody minded enough to 'make it work'.  These are RPM people - it's probably a character trait!

Anyway, I wish I was Partying, and hope people have a good time.  This year I've not managed to be as active in forums/listening to other peoples things as the month went on ... which is a shame, as I've always enjoyed/been inspired by that in the past (but the aforementioned 'real life' restricted my time for doing this).

I'll raise a cup of tea to all those fellow comrades who have succeeded or fallen in this year's challenge.  Cheers!