9 days until Greece, hard to focus on much of anything.

smallwaves show Saturday was poorly attended, but rocking none-the-less, including one new tune, which I basically wrote, and it kicks ass.  I will have videos up tonight, my first foray into tripod iphone recording, one big ass file that needs to be broken up into little bits, not a fun experience.

in other news, I've been working on a few new smallwaves tunes, which is currently satisfying my creative needs, though this one tune, it started out as a punk ass bitch, I'm trying to tame it into something for our guitar player who is getting married in July.  we'll see.

all of my ideas for the next MINOA project have been disseminated to the group.  I hope I don't wind up writing this one by myself.  if you have no idea what MINOA is and think you might want to be a part of a musical collective, then PM me, or look me up on FB, brent kinder, and i'll let you in on the fun.  MINOA01 was finished last November and as much as I wanted it to be a collab, it really wasn't exactly that, though I'm quite proud of how it turned out.  this years MINOA will be a musical, with everyone writing a song based on a dream.  we string together all of the dream songs and boom, musical. 

I'm going to Greece in 9 days, did I already mention that?  woo for me.