My eight-year-old son Henry has been playing the drums for almost two years now, and had previously taken a few months of guitar lessons. Recently, he's become obsessed with classic rock, particularly Queen, Bowie, Rush, Tom Petty, Clapton and, above all else, the Beatles. Something about listening to Beatles records has brought his musical impulses into the foreground. He has been messing around with my shit is what I'm saying. Getting his little kid fingers all over my equipment. Yes, Henry, you can play my strat just don't break a string. No, I don't mind if you try the keyboard out. I found the Sweetwater catalogue under his pillow. He asked me if I thought Santa would be into getting him a u-bass. Dude's hooked. He's frigging 8.

So he wrote a two-chord song. Just E and A chords. Asked if he could use my mic to record. I did him one better and served as his engineer. We started with the drums and he added tambourine, handclaps, guitar, bass, piano, organ, vocals and backing vocals; he then enlisted his twin brother and me to ad lib "that's weird" and "crazy" and the like. When it came time to mix, I gave him and his brother headphones and we all listened together. I messed with FX and panning and levels track by track and just told them to give me the thumbs up when they liked how it sounded. Should've seen his face when he heard me panning the tambourine from ear to ear--like a "I had no idea you could do this" moment.

Anyway, to make a long story short, it was the most fun I've ever had recording anything and I really can't take credit for much more than hitting record and being his proxy.

So now I'm pleased to say he's hard at work writing the rest of his album. If he keeps it up, he'll be RPMing in 2018. If you'd like to hear his first tune, it's below, in the comments.