well, the recording of the smallwaves EP is going very slow, after a short burst of frantic energy, and all of drums and bass recorded and scratch guitars, then the singer came in and pretty much knocked out all of his parts and then immediately after quit the band.  WTF?  I'm fucking floored.  what am I going to do now?


in AFC news, I'm playing KC Porchfest 2k17 this weekend, I'm doing a large list of classic and new AFC songs, and I've been practicing so much that my voice, which already sucked, is near perfect suck.  i'll make a video and post it somewhere, maybe.


in MINOA news, there is no news, It's probably not going to happen this year unless I just sit down and do the whole thing myself.  I've got one awesome song from Matt, Wilson and A.Moody, plus my own, and that's hardly enough to make a musical with, but now that I may not have a band anymore, what else am I gonna do?  right?