Track number 14, STORM WILL COME, and Track #15 NOW YOU GOT ME INTRIGUED the 5th tracks from my second Februrary 2012 FAWM/RPM album are now uploaded and ready for your feedback. Find them on the list below tracks 4 & 5 from "songs in the key of wolf"

You can leave any comment here and/or by the song entry on FAWM via my FAWM user page:

Thanks to all the people who have messaged me with input/feedback and constructive critique so far. It's deeply appreciated.

Again, I hopy you enjoy,




2012 RPM/FAWM songs:
From the album wolf kier: Fire Dog Fire
1: That Day Is No More
2: Gather Round me Sinners
3: Prison Jimmy
4: Listen as you Listen
5: Break Me Off Some Trouble
6: Tricky Situation
7: Prophet At The Pump
8: Ball and Chain
9: Agent in an Overcoat
10: Fire Dog Fire

From the album wolf kier: Songs In the key of Wolf
1: Minute Me Minute You
2: Sort It Out Your Way
3: Instant Approval Guaranteed
4: Storm Will Come
5: Now You Got Me Intrigued